Need to do decoration and purchase equipment for your House, Villa, Hotel, Apartment, Condotel, Office or Place for your Business ???
From empty to be able to operate ?
Need to complete from Major till Minor stuff ?

We’re Interior Decorator
An interior decorator often use skills to adorn a living space once an interior designer has made necessary structural or functional changes.
Interior decorators don't create interior spaces, they embellish interior spaces that already exist, and doesn't knock out walls or structurally change the layout of an interior space.

"Decoration is the furnishing or adorning of a space with fashionable manner or beautiful things" – Anonymous

We’re Purchase & Equip for FF&E (Fixtures, Furniture, Electronic & Equipment)
Movable furniture, fixtures or other equipment that are have no permanent connection to the structure of a building or utilities. These items depreciate substantially but definitely are important costs to consider when valuing a company, especially in liquidation.

In brief the term includes all area such as bed/guest room, vanity/powder room, library, living room, kitchen, office, pool, public, dining, BOH, service area, working area and supported for each area such as kitchen and laundry equipment including cold rooms, kitchen Utensils, F&B equipment, minor & major electronics equipment, glassware, cutlery, crockery, health club equipment, electronics, computers with their associated equipment and software, housekeeping, loose furniture, soft furnishing, decorative lighting, decorative carpets, blinds/curtains, bedding and linen and others that related with FF&E.

The owners should not under estimate the value and purchase of operating supplies and equipment (FF & E) required for a hotel, villa, apartment, etc, this can often amount to many expenses for a large scope. Professional expertise is essential to negotiate the best prices and discounts, save cost while ensuring the best quality on the right time frame.

Competitive tendering
The selection of suppliers & products is normally through competitive tendering ensuring best quality and value for money. Local project’s needs, terms and conditions are met, including delivery & installation dates.

Suppliers and Manufactures
- Products are direct from trusted prequalified international & local suppliers and manufacturers
- They have a proven history of successful projects
- Commitment to sustainable production and consumption
- Quality Standards and Brands
- Commit with time schedule & quality

What do we offer?
- Procurement of Furniture, Fixture and Equipment (FF&E)
- Preparation of detailed customized equipment lists (more than 5000 items) based on need and functional
- Guidance on local and international suppliers and manufacturers
- Guidance on luxury hotel and villa standards & brands
- Extensive experience of procurement
- International multi brand hotel experience (3 4 5 star) including operational needsProject experience working on Direct owner,
- Hotel & Villa Management, Project Manager, Contractor, Developer and Procurement Companies
- In depth knowledge of hotels & villas product standards
- In depth knowledge of FF & E set up on each area
- Vast network of trusted pre-qualified international project orientated suppliers, manufacturers and specialists
- Competitive local & international prices direct from manufacturers and suppliers
- Commitment to quality and cost control ensuring value at all times

How do we Charge?
Normally a fixed fee is agreed with the Client based on total FF & E package cost exclude tax and additional items & work.

What do we do?
- FF&E project management including preparation of scope, schedules, budgets and cost
- Floor plan review
- Review, issue and payment for PO’s, and operating policies in terms of FF&E needs
- Prepare customized FF&E lists, quantities and review with Clients
- Guidance on suppliers and manufacturers
- Guidance on standards and specifications
- Price negotiations to ensure value for money
- Purchase recommendations
- Manage processes, control and procedures
- Coordination-logistics, tracking, safety storage, deliveries and installation
- Time management and quality assurance
- Inventorying and Set Up system by area for monitoring process

Clients save money and time by purchase all FF & E at the same time, includes PO and payment schedule, vendor agreement, delivery and receive system, storage cost, quality controlling, replacing and standard set up items, time frame guarantee, 6 month warranty for major equipment, inventorying and report system for inventorying filing report.

Client leverages large amount of spend as well as product and supplier knowledge.